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Are Green Powders Worth it? Here Are 3 Benefits

Are Green Powders Worth it? Here Are 3 Benefits

Nutrition is key! We all know this but yet, the truth is that for many of us, we just don't have time to track our daily servings of fruits and vegetables. You may have heard that greens powders can help you boost your daily intake of nutrients. But, what are they really? If you still have a few lingering questions about greens powders - you came to the right place! Let's dive right into what they are, how they're made, plus the top three benefits of greens powders. 

Green Powder Supplement Benefits

The importance of greens

Most of us do the best we can, getting in greens here and there through the occasional side of veggies or morning smoothie. But when life gets busy, hitting our nutrient goals tends to slip lower down on our list of priorities. 

Consuming plenty of green vegetables is important for all of us, regardless of age or gender. They are exceptionally rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and other important nutrients. In other words, nutrient-dense plant based whole foods should be a staple of a healthy and balanced diet.

Green Powder Supplement Benefits

What exactly are greens powders?

Although modern life may be stressful at times, it also provides us with some convenient options for supporting our wellness and hitting our health goals.

Powdered greens are ultra-fine powder blends designed to deliver a wide range of wellness-supporting ingredients in a way that's convenient to implement into your daily routine. Quick and easy to use, a high-quality greens powder can help deliver a huge variety of fruits, veggies, and plant extracts - but without the hassle of meal prep and all in one scoop.

Green Powder Supplement Benefits

Greens powders not only contain powdered fruits, veggies, and leafy greens but may also feature ingredients such as probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes per serving for additional digestive and gut health support.*

They may also feature ingredients like spirulina and chlorella, and antioxidant-containing ingredients such as green tea and turmeric root. This type of superfood supplement should not to be confused with protein powder, a different type of supplement altogether.

How are greens superfood powders made?

Greens powders are made using few different methods. Most super greens powders are manufactured using a mixture of the two most popular methods.

The first method is dehydrating and pulverizing the entire ingredient into a powder form. This is thought to be the most nutrient-preserving method as the fruit and vegetable ingredients retain their original structure and nutritional content per serving, minus their fiber content.

The second method is extracting a compound first, which is then dehydrate and crush into a powder. This method is usually reserved for ingredients whose purported benefits come from the active compounds found in the whole ingredient.

Greens powders can also be made using a combination of both methods. This is done for several reasons. One of the key reasons is that the extraction method can affect the overall taste of the powder, an important consideration that must be taken into account during formulation (because who wants to add a greens drink to their daily routine if it doesn't taste good?). 

Green Powder Supplement Benefits

What are some of the benefits of greens drinks?

Simply put, most of us don't have access to the time and resources to invest into stocking our kitchen with only non-GMO, raw organic produce all day, every day. 

It's also important to note that although any improvement in nutrition is a positive addition to a healthy lifestyle, there is still limited research into the benefits of superfood powder. This is largely due to the fact that, as greens powders become more and more popular, there is such a wide range of varying formulas that make singular studies quite difficult. 

Another thing to bear in mind is that greens drinks are not a replacement for a healthy and balanced meal. Greens powders are supplements, and as such, should be used to supplement healthy lifestyle choices and well-balanced meals.  

That being said, there are some benefits of adding a high-quality green superfood powder to your routine. 


Greens powder offers a quick and easy way to incorporate a variety of nutrients into your diet without the hassle of preparing multiple servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Additionally, they may include ingredients that aren't typically found in the grocery aisle such as turmeric root, chlorella, spirulina, reishi, or ashwagandha. Greens drinks offer a simple and hassle-free solution for busy individuals or those on-the-go. 


Greens powder typically contains a concentrated blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients derived from various green vegetables, fruits, and other vegetables. Depending on the formula, they can help provide a nutrient boost and support energy levels, overall health and vitality.*


Many greens powders contain ingredients like fiber, enzymes, and probiotics, which can support digestive health. Fiber helps promote regularity and digestive function, while enzymes aid in the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. Probiotics contribute to a healthy gut microbiome, which is essential for supporting proper digestion and immune function. Incorporating greens powder into your daily routine can help support a healthy digestive system.*


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