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Eggshell Membranes 101: Everything You Need To Know

Eggshell Membranes 101: Everything You Need To Know

Despite its many benefits, exercise can take a toll on your joints if done too infrequently or too strenuously. Many middle-aged healthy adults struggle with joint discomfort and mobility. In fact, it is estimated that 140 million adults struggle with some form of joint or connective tissue health concerns.

Anti-inflammatory medicines may help reduce these issues temporarily, but the long-term effects may still linger. This is why many adults are turning to a more holistic lifestyle involving dietary supplements to boost joint function.

Enter the discovery of the natural eggshell membrane (NEM)!

We're going to dive into how NEMs (or ESMs) were discovered for joints support, what supplements contain NEM, and the health benefits that come from taking them.

The origin of natural eggshell membrane

Most of us are familiar with eggshells - the hard covering of an egg. While eggshells are mostly made up of calcium, eggshell membranes (ESM) are composed of protein fibers found between the egg white and the inner surface of the eggshell. These proteins are essential for maintaining healthy joints and connective tissues.

The clear film that lines the eggshells is the part of a bird egg that is used in a dietary or food supplement. In most supplements, this thin membrane is derived from chicken eggs.

ESM are primarily composed of fibrous proteins such as collagen type I. Collagen type I makes up over 90% of the human body.

We need collagen in our body for joint health because it makes up the connective tissue and keeps our bones from rubbing together. Collagen also helps our skin, hair, nails, and teeth. Can you see why many people are turning to collagen supplements and/or supplements with ESM?

The process of extracting ESM

ESM Technologies, LLC (Carthage, MO, USA) has developed methods to efficiently and effectively separate the chicken eggshell membranes from eggshells to create a shell-free egg membrane.

The isolated membrane is then partially hydrolyzed using a proprietary process and dry blended to produce 100% pure NEM. This is the powder form that can be put into capsules to create a complex dietary supplement.

Natural eggshell membrane (NEM) for joint health

ESM has high percentages of certain amino acids such as arginine, glutamic acid, methionine, valine, cystine, and proline. These components help reduce inflammatory compounds called cytokines which lead to joint discomfort.

Human clinical studies have found that supplementation of natural Eggshell Membrane can be significant support for discomfort and inflexibility associated with joints and connective tissues.

The discovery of shell membrane as a natural source of combined collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid has made ESM popular among the joint health community.

Studies on NEM + Joint Health

Two one-month clinical studies were conducted to test the productivity of NEM on patients with joint health concerns. Both studies required patients to suspend their current medication for joint discomfort.

In the first study conducted patients were given NEM for 30 days and results were conducted on day 7 and day 30. Patients were asked to record their discomfort on a scale from 0 to 10. In this trial, of those who participated, general joint discomfort and overall flexibility improved by around 72% for discomfort and 43.7% for flexibility.

In study #2, patients were given two forms of NEM supplements with a similar 7 and 30-day structure, recording their discomfort levels from 0 to 10. Again, patients responded with an average of 30% improvement in their overall joint discomfort.

Joint health concerns are very common among American adults. Results from market research show that NEM as a treatment option is both effective and safe.

More so, because of its nature, it is significantly safer than other forms of medicine that may lead to abuse or long-term health concerns.

Additionally, a study of 60 healthy women to perform 50 to 100 reps of leg exercise per day having been given NEM or a placebo. Researchers were able to show that after just 7 days there was a significant reduction in cartilage turnover.

Overall, there are plenty of studies out there that show how NEM can significantly help joint discomfort in adults who struggle with mobility.


Primal Harvest Products with ESM

Primal Flex

Primal Flex supports joint wellness, mobility, and general wellness. Primal Flex helps keep you moving and doing the things you love with a multi collagen blend of type I collagen from the eggshell membrane and type II collagen from BioCell® hydrolyzed chicken collagen.

Eggshell membranes contain important protein fibers that can be found between the egg white and inner surface of the eggshell. These fibers are especially rich in essential amino acids like arginine, valine, cystine, and proline.

Multi Collagen

Formulated with the ultimate blend of all 5 essential collagen types, our Multi Collagen capsules make getting your daily collagen more convenient, simple, and enjoyable than ever before.

This multi collagen contains all 5 types of collagen derived from the high-quality eggshell membrane, bovine, fish, and chicken collagen.

Eggshell membranes provide an excellent source of wellness-supporting collagen to help keep you moving comfortably through life. The ESM in our Primal Multi Collagen features hydrolyzed collagen types V & X.

This thin, delicate lining found within the eggshell is packed with essential amino acids that are considered extremely important for healthy bones, joints, and skin.

With that said, if you are experiencing severe joint discomfort, it's always best to consult your doctor. Ask them about NEM for joint treatment and tell them what you've discovered in this article. They will be able to assess if you should increase your collagen intake or any of the many supplements on the market that are great for your joints.

Another perk to taking a collagen supplement is that your skin, nails, and hair health will benefit. As we age and our collagen levels decrease, our skin can suffer the consequences just like the connective tissue in our joints.

Summary: A list of eggshell membrane benefits

-Helps maintain healthy joints

-Supports normal inflammatory response

-May prevent exercise-induced stiffness

-Helps promote glowing, plump skin

-Supports healthy bones

-May help balance gut microbiome

-May minimize fine lines and wrinkles

-Supports strong hair and nails

-Supports an active lifestyle

We hope this article explained a few things about the eggshell membrane that you may not have already known. Write to us in our Facebook Tribe group if you have any further questions about the use of eggshell membrane in our products!



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