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We have the power, not the virus! If you're healthy, you can help!You can be part of the solution.

In times of crisis, we have to stand together. The team here at Primal Harvest is meeting daily to discuss the big crisis that's affecting the whole world. We are calm, but worried. We want to help not only our customers, but the whole country. That's why we came up with the #neighborlychallenge.

Protect your loved ones and elderly neighbors and people with health conditions by getting them groceries, prescriptions or other necessary supplies - so that they do not have to leave their homes.

It's as easy as printing out the document below, filling out the necessary details and placing it in your building for everyone to see! PS: Please Share this message so other people can help too!

Download & Print

Download the document on this website and print it out

Put in your building

Select a spot in your building or next to the main door of your building where it's clearly visible to everyone.

Spread the word

Share this page on social media or with your friends to help others help their neighbors.