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The Truth About Gummy Supplements

The Truth About Gummy Supplements

They might just be the most popular wellness trend in recent years. But, how good are they really? 

If you've stumbled across them before, it might not surprise you that the popularity of gummy vitamins has skyrocketed.

Gummy vitamins used to be mostly aimed at children. But, good news for us - times have changed. Gummies are not just for kids anymore! They're actually a popular way for adults to get their daily supplements too.

If you’re someone who struggles with swallowing pills, tablets, or capsules, chewing on a delicious gummy vitamin might sound like the ideal solution. But you may be wondering, are gummy vitamins actually good for you? 

We’re going to break down what gummy vitamins actually are and look at the pros and cons of nibbling on these chewable vitamins. 

But first, what are gummy dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements can come in many different forms, from pills and capsules to powders or liquids. Gummy vitamins are basically chewable vitamins. Their taste and texture are usually pretty candy-like, kind of like the gummy bears you might have eaten as a kid - only healthier. Gummies can come in a huge range of shapes, flavors, and colors. 

There are many different types of gummy vitamins and supplements. Some contain only one vitamin or mineral, for example, vitamin C or calcium. Others may contain a bigger variety of vitamins and minerals in the form of a gummy multivitamin.

Gummy vitamins can also be targeted at specific groups of people, based on different dietary needs. Some popular examples are gummy vitamins formulated for women or vegans.

One brand new trend in gummy supplements reflects the recent popularity of alternative natural ingredients and nutrients that are used in supplement form. Nowadays, gummies are formulated with ingredients ranging from apple cider vinegar to mushrooms.

In addition to the key ingredients, gummy vitamins also include other ingredients. These have traditionally been gelatin, corn starch, water, sugar, and coloring. However, many new brands are offering gelatin-free alternatives, making their gummies suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

So, do gummy vitamins work? Here's the sweet truth about these tasty treats

Let’s break down the potential benefits and possible downsides of taking gummy vitamins and supplements.

truth about gummy supplements

The Pros: Potential Benefits of Gummy Supplements

Possible Nutritional Benefits

Some people may find it difficult to eat enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, making it harder for them to consume the right balance of essential vitamins and minerals needed to keep the body running smoothly. Vitamins, minerals, and so-called “superfoods” are a convenient way to help support their nutrient intake.

While supplements cannot replace a healthy and well-balanced diet, they may help boost the number of certain nutrients. Some people might find that this helps them meet their nutritional needs and support their wellbeing. 

This is especially true for certain groups of people, for example, those avoiding certain food groups or who might have additional nutritional needs. 

Taking gummies is also a way to get the potential health benefits from certain ingredients that might be harder to find in foods. These include ingredients like apple cider vinegar, turmeric, nootropics like mushrooms, or fruits such as pomegranate or elderberry. 

Primal Harvest ACV Gummies: Gummy Supplements

Delicious and Easy to Take

One of the key benefits of gummy vitamins is their taste. You might have heard us say it before - consistency is key!

Taking vitamins, minerals, and other supplements on a regular basis is super important when it comes to potentially reaping the most benefits. Having them available in a flavorful and easy-to-take form might help people take them more regularly. 

Their chewable form might also appeal to those who find it difficult to swallow pills or capsules. Some people might find it hard to take certain supplements because they have trouble swallowing them. In these cases, they usually have no other alternatives than taking powders or liquids.

However, the problem with these is that they may be lacking in the taste department. We understand that the idea of drinking a fiber or powdered mushroom supplement might be off-putting to some people.

Apple cider vinegar, or ACV, is another great example. A popular ingredient in recent years, people have traditionally added ACV to their daily routine to try to reap its potential health benefits. Although this vinegar may bring the perfect zing to a salad, drinking pure shots of apple cider vinegar can potentially cause more harm than good.

Taking ACV in gummy form can help to make the most of its potential benefits while reducing the possible damage it can cause your tooth enamel, throat, and gut when taken in its raw form. 

Interested in apple cider vinegar? Check out our blog post on the myths and benefits of ACV or try our brand new Apple Cider Vinger Gummies!

Driving Car: gummy supplements on the go

You Can Take Your Vitamins And Minerals On-The-Go

Gummies are definitely a convenient way to take supplements, especially if you’re on the move. Do fast-paced lifestyles, hectic schedules, or busy mornings sound familiar? We've all been there. Gummy supplements are perfect for these moments - you can simply pop one in your mouth and carry on with your day. 

They're also super handy when traveling, whether you're going on a short road trip, a weekend camping getaway, or a long-distance plane ride. 

Ready-Measured Portions

Sometimes, adding some “superfood” ingredients to your daily routine isn't that simple. It can be hard to know if you're taking too much or too little to get the most benefits.

Thanks to their delicious taste, a lot of people use ingredients like ginger and turmeric as spices to add extra flavor to many different types of dishes. However, simply eating a pinch of curcumin here and there isn't necessarily enough to make a significant difference. Taking it in supplement form, like a gummy, ensures that you get a sufficient dose to reap the most of its potential benefits. 

Having ready-measured portions might also help to prevent people from taking too much of a certain vitamin, mineral, or ingredient. Just be sure to stick to the directions on the label.

Drinking excessively high quantities of apple cider vinegar, for example, can potentially lead to side effects that are counterproductive to your health. Eating apple cider vinegar gummies can help you stick to the optimal doses. 

Having ready-measured doses can also make taking a natural supplement hassle-free. With ACV, for example, there’s a pretty big difference between drinking it in its “raw” form versus in a gummy vitamin. Apple cider vinegar should always be diluted with water before drinking. But, it can be difficult to figure out the right ratio between vinegar and water.

The same goes for adding things like turmeric powder to smoothies or other dishes. Having to measure out scoops of powder not only takes more time – but also leaves an extra mess in your kitchen for you to clean up!

mushroom gummy supplements

Try Out Different Natural Supplements

Have you thought about trying out different types of natural supplements but aren't convinced that you'll like the taste? Gummy supplements can be a delicious way to try out the latest natural supplement trends.

Gummies can be made with all sorts of potent ingredients that you may have already seen in health food stores. For example, mushrooms, elderberry, fiber, and ginger may all offer a variety of potential wellness benefits.

You may have heard about some of these already and want to try them out. Testing these supplements in gummy form is an easy way to do just that. Especially if you’re worried about the taste. 

gummy supplements

Longer Shelf-Life

Another perk of gummies is that they last much longer than fresh fruits and vegetables. If you're like us and absolutely love eating fruit, you're probably also familiar with the disappointment of seeing it go bad.

With gummy vitamins, you can get a lot of the same benefits as eating all that juicy, delicious fruit but without having to see any of it go to waste. This is especially true during the summer months when the shelf-life of that bag of oranges suddenly seems a lot shorter!


The Cons: Some Potential Downsides of Gummy Supplements

Missing Minerals

Some gummy vitamins are formulated without certain minerals. They may be formulated without minerals like iron or zinc. This might be important for people in certain groups to be aware of, for example, those who follow a vegan diet

sugar in gummy vitamins

Added Sugars and Sweeteners

Gummy vitamins can sometimes contain high quantities of added sugars, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, or food colorings. That's why you may want to keep an eye out for ingredients like glucose syrup or sugar alcohols such as sorbitol, especially if you're trying to monitor your sugar intake. 

This is also true if you are watching your calorie intake as some gummies that have more grams of sugar are likely to contain more calories too.

Extremely high levels of sugar can have a negative impact on dental health. If you'd like to stay on the safe side, one tip is to eat a gummy before brushing your teeth rather than after. This may help to counteract the effects that the sugar may have on your teeth. Plus, the gummy will probably taste better than right after brushing your teeth!

They May Not Be Vegan or Vegetarian Friendly

Some vitamin gummy brands use gelatin to make their gummies. This ingredient isn’t vegan or vegetarian! That’s because it’s made from animal collagen.

Collagen is a protein found in the connective tissues of animals, such as skin, tendons, bones, and ligaments. To make gelatin, these parts are boiled, dried, treated, filtered, then ground into a powder. Although there are benefits of taking collagen as a supplement, it isn't suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. You can read more about where collagen comes from here.

If you follow a plant-based diet, be sure to check the ingredient label to ensure that the product has been made without gelatin. Luckily, there are many vegan-friendly gummies out there (including ours!).

happy woman gummy supplements

The Bottom Line: 

Gummy supplements are a tasty and convenient alternative that can be easily taken on the go.

It’s also important to bear in mind that although they may taste like candy, gummy vitamins are still dietary supplements. Always check the recommended use and suggested serving size found on the product label. 

Those who follow special dietary restrictions should be sure to double-check that the products are suitable for their needs. Our brand new range of delicious gummies are vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Before taking any new supplement, it’s always advisable to seek advice from a doctor or healthcare professional if you have any questions or specific health concerns.

You're also more likely to see the most benefits of gummy vitamins or dietary supplements when paired with a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of rest, exercise, water, and balanced meals.







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