June 11, 2019 4 min read

How To Become Best Friends With Your Body

In 2002, John Mayer released his hit song “Your Body is a Wonderland”. And guess what, he was 100% right. Your body absolutely is a wonderland! And while millions of people all over the world were swept off their feet by Mayer’s message, there are way too many people out there who seem to be at war with their bodies.

We’re not here to judge. We’re not here to tell you what’s right or wrong. We’re here to ask you one very simple question: Are you actually friends with your body?

We want you to look around you. Look at your sister complaining about “being super fat” in her size 6 Skinny jeans. Look at your uncle smoking one cigarette after the other after coming out of heart surgery. Look at your co-worker torturing herself with a “juice cleanse” and look at your boss who refuses to take a break and get help even though panic attacks drench his sheets with sweat every night.

We did look around. We saw our sisters, uncles, co-workers, and bosses…and ourselves.

As babies, we are always aware of our physical and emotional needs but as we grow older, we slowly but surely lose touch to our bodies and minds. We demand them to perform as we please at all times but refuse to give back. We even have the audacity to blame them and get mad if, at some point, they don’t perform as well as we want them to.

Have you ever wondered what you would feel like if you would treat your body and mind the way they should be treated? Imagine the energy you could unleash if you would start to become best friends with your body. How, you ask?

It is all about bringing your mind, body, and emotions into positive alignment. The changes that can occur when those entities are aligned are overwhelming and range from reduction in pain, better sleep quality and increased metabolism to a boosted immune system and reduction in anxiety or depression.

Why not bring your body, mind, and emotions back on the same boat.

Here are 3 simple tricks you can do to achieve a balance and create that special friendship.

1. Don’t Hesitate to Meditate

Meditation not only strengthens the relationship between mind and body, but it also provides a necessary safe space for you to process thoughts, feelings, and fears without being judged or having to explain yourself. It even has been proven that meditation can actively change our hormonal chemistry and can help us release traumas we hold on to on a very deep level. When you meditate, your body and mind basically sit down with each other and work together to reduce the effects of stress, anxiety, trauma, etc.  


2. One Journal a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Remember when you were a child and would note down the happenings of each day in your diary? Now we’re not suggesting you should start a detailed logbook of your day, but creating a daily ritual of noting down small goals or things you are grateful for can help in calming your thoughts and develop more self-appreciative patterns of thought. The doorman gave you a warm smile when you left for work this morning or you enjoyed watching two dogs playing in the parc? Just note it down. You will be surprised at how this type of positive communication with yourself about your day can increase your conception of feeling content. After all, there are lots of reasons to smile, right?


3. Move What Your Mama Gave Ya

You don’t necessarily have to become an “Alarm at 5, Gym at 5:15” type of person – but get moving! You may feel like 10 minutes a day are pointless, but they can be a game-changer. Exercise increases endorphins and reduces cortisol levels. Even just 10 minutes of movement will boost your metabolism and balance your hormones. It will also make you feel stronger and more confident, helping you reach successes you didn’t know where possible when you started. Now that’s something to be proud of, isn’t it? While a lot of people see exercise as a tedious task, you shouldn’t forget about the fact that it’s actually proven to help your organs do their job. If you set a little time aside for a small workout, you’re actually letting your body know that it deserves health and happiness – and the endorphins will leave you feeling great!

True wellness means you’re looking after your body, mind, and soul and fostering their relationship. Who doesn’t like a good friendship? We strongly believe that those 3 little habits can make a huge difference. However, if you feel seriously ill, emotionally overwhelmed, or mentally drained, please don’t hesitate to see an expert if you feel like you cannot tackle it by yourself!


Please share with anyone in your life whose body & mind-friendship needs a little pick-me-up.  

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