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Hot vs Cold Showers: Which Is Better For Your Health?

Hot vs Cold Showers: Which Is Better For Your Health?

Imagine you’re getting out of bed on a normal morning and begin your usual AM routine for a productive and healthy day ahead...

You prepare your holistic supplements and a healthy breakfast accompanied by your Primal Collagen coffee or Primal Greens smoothie.

Perhaps you even have time to squeeze in some morning mindfulness meditation or listen in on the morning news updates.

You’re feeling instantly energized, inspired, and ready to face the world!

Hot vs Cold Showers

Once you finish your nutritious breakfast, it’s time to head to the shower to finish your healthy morning routine.

But should you indulge in a steaming hot shower or opt for a chilly water temperature instead?

Many of us instinctively crave a hot shower first thing in the morning and turn that water heater all the way up without even thinking twice about it. But are you really sure that you’re choosing the right type of shower for your needs? And more importantly, is your shower routine delivering the maximum benefits for glowing health?

Don’t let this controversial wellness debate take away from your positive morning routine! There are actually powerful benefits to both hot and cold showers when used at the right time for the right purposes.

Here’s what you need to know about cold showers and hot showers to optimize your healthy routine, as well as utilize the benefits of each of these methods.

Cold vs Hot Showers:
Which is better for your health?

Cold Showers

Cold Water Benefits

1. Helps increase circulation

Cool showers are famously known to have a positive effect on circulation. Since your body has to work harder to maintain a healthy body temperature, cold temperatures cause your blood to circulate more quickly throughout your body.

2. Smooths frizzy and unruly hair

The “cool water rinse” is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to adding shine and keeping unruly hair healthy and lustrous. This is because when cold water is applied to your scalp, it helps close and strengthen hair cuticles. This is especially important for anyone with color-treated or damaged locks. 

3. Helps tighten, calm, and depuff skin

When you constrict blood flow on the surface of your skin, it creates a tightening effect that is famously known to give skin a healthier and more balanced appearance. Applying cold water to your face can be especially effective for calming and depuffing your complexion.

4. Supports healthy metabolism

The “shock” sensation that you feel when splashed with cold water may actually help awaken the internal systems needed to kickstart your metabolism. Although more research is needed, some studies have shown that cold water exposure increases the activation of an energy-burning fat known as brown fat

5. Helps decrease muscle soreness

If you went overboard during your latest workout session, you might be tempted to immediately jump into a hot shower. However, studies show that cold water can actually help provide relief to sore muscles and help them repair and heal more quickly. 

6. Increases mental alertness

There’s nothing like a splash of cold water to wake you up in the morning! Although it may take some getting used to, the increased oxygen and heart rate brought on by a cold shower can actually increase alertness and leave you feeling more mentally focused.

7. Calms itchy or irritated skin

If you suffer from skin conditions that cause your skin to be itchy and irritated, a cool shower may help soothe and calm your skin.


    When to take a cool shower:

    Research on what is commonly referred to as “cold water therapy” suggests that cold showers have a long list of benefits for your health. Whether or not you are a believer in the transformative powers of cold water therapy, there is still much benefit to be gained from mixing periodic cool showers into your wellness routine.

    Cold showers are generally recommended in the morning when you want to feel more alert or after an intense workout to prevent soreness. Not ready to take the plunge into cold showers? Try rinsing your face with cold water in the morning and gradually introduce the cooler temperatures into your shower routine instead!

    Hot Showers

    Hot Water Benefits

    1. Promotes muscle relaxation

    Treating yourself to a warm bath or shower can help ease muscle tension and relieve muscle fatigue after a long day or tough workout. 

    2. Helps ease headaches

    Some studies show that taking a hot shower or bath can act as heat therapy for migraines and various other forms of headaches. Moderately hot water can help ease headache tension and make headaches generally shorter and milder.

    3. Relieves nasal congestion

    The steam created by hot showers can help soothe nasal congestion, reduce cold and cough symptoms, and open airways for better breathing.

    4. Boosts feelings of calm

    Warm water is famously known to promote feelings of relaxation and ease tension in the body. It’s a great way to de-stress after a long day, as long as the temperature isn’t too hot.

    5. Opens pores and cleanses skin

    Warm water can help open pores and effectively remove dirt and residue from your skin. This can be helpful for blemishes and skin prone to breakouts. 

      When to take a warm shower:

      Research suggests that a warm shower or bath may be the best choice when you’re feeling particularly stressed, tense, anxious, or in need of some relaxation.

      Warmer temperatures have been shown to help ease headaches and promote an overall calmer state of mind. Since  hot showers activate the parasympathetic nervous system, they can actually make us feel tired and better able to fall asleep.

      This is why a warm bath or shower is generally recommended as a way to unwind and decompress after a long day, closer to bedtime. Always be sure to avoid extremely hot temperatures, as this can dry out your hair and skin, irritate skin conditions like eczema, or increase your blood pressure.

      When it comes down to it, choosing the right type of water temperature for your needs is a personal choice and there is much evidence to suggest that a healthy mixture of both methods may be most beneficial. 

      For individuals with preexisting conditions, it’s always important to consult with a personal physician before moving forward with any new supplements or lifestyle changes. 

      Have you experienced positive health benefits as a result of either warm or cold water therapy? We’d love to hear your story!

      Leave us a comment below and let us know or connect with us on social media with the hashtag #primalharvest.




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