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Convenient Ways To Start Eating More Greens

Convenient Ways To Start Eating More Greens

There's a good reason why parents are always lecturing their children to finish their plate of veggies!

This one food group undeniably has the potential to positively impact your overall health more than pretty much any other.

Usually the most nutritionally dense food on the table, vegetables can pack powerful doses of healing and anti-inflammatory nutrients and vitamins in just a few servings.  

Focusing on boosting your daily servings of vegetables can have an especially significant impact on improving your health whenever you're feeling like your body may need some TLC.

But remember.. Consistency is key and therefore, finding creative ways to maintain your daily servings will having the greatest long-term influence on your health.


Start Eating More Greens

Here are 9 convenient ways to
start eating more veggies:


  1. Put veggies on the top shelf of your fridge 

    Studies predict that you're most likely to reach for foods on the top shelf of the fridge. Keep vegetables visible and within easy reach if you want to guarantee that you won't forget them at meal times.  ⠀

  2. Prep a week’s worth of veggies on Sunday 
    Preparation is key when it comes to upping your veggie intake! We all know that life gets busy during the week and having a selection of pre-prepared vegetables in the fridge will allow you to stick to your plan and make better choices throughout the week.

  3. Try eating some veggies for breakfast ⠀⠀
    Many people swear that this one diet tip has had a huge impact on their overall health and even helped with weight management. Often considered the most important meal of the day, it makes sense that adding some greens to your daily breakfast would help your body function its best throughout the rest of the day. Try a handful of greens on the side to start!

  4. Eat a salad with every meal ⠀⠀
    Beginning each meal with a small salad can help add essential fiber and nutrients that will prevent you from overeating on less healthy foods later on, as well as keep you feeling full for longer. You'll be amazed by the impact that this one simple health trick can have!

  5. Replace snacks like crackers or pita with raw veggies
    Sometimes small changes can have a substantial impact when done consistently. Simply swapping out starchy snacks for raw veggies (like carrots or celery) can eliminate excess carbs and calories, and add in extra nutrients instead.

  6. Stock up on frozen veggies
    Simplifying in any way possible can be a great help when it comes to increasing daily vegetable servings. Stocking the freezer with plenty of organic frozen vegetables will make it easier to ensure that you always have some vegetables on hand to easily add to meals.

  7. Add plenty of veggies to a daily smoothie or green juice
    Want a quick and convenient way to get multiple servings of vegetables? Throwing as many greens as possible (like spinach or kale), along with a green powder like our Primal Greens, into a daily smoothie is the go-to method of countless dietitians and nutritionists. This one method is great for those who aren't crazy about the taste of certain vegetables but still want to reap the benefits, since flavors can be easily masked in smoothies and juices.

  8. Add veggies to everyday meals like pizza or pasta
    Adding more vegetables into your diet doesn't mean that you have to give up some of your everyday favorites like pizza and pasta. There are many ways to make these dishes just a bit healthier, by tossing a variety of vegetables into the mix! Try making a healthy variation of a tri-color vegetable pasta with mixed grilled veggies, as one example.

  9. Experiment with different ways to prepare your favorite veggies
    Simply put, if you hate the taste of a certain food, you're likely going to avoid it at all costs. This is totally counterintuitive when trying to increase vegetable servings. Try experimenting with different vegetables and different preparation methods to find ways to start craving your favorite veggies!






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