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Why Consistency Is The Biggest Tool For Vibrant Health

Why Consistency Is The Biggest Tool For Vibrant Health

If you think about it, we all will make at least one excuse today to put our health goals on the backburner. These excuses usually include phrases like, “I don’t have the money,” “I’ll start next week,” or “I just don’t have enough time.”

Sound at all familiar? We’re all guilty of it and we totally get it. Life can get crazy. It happens to us all the time as well, and you’re not alone in this struggle.


But these common excuses end up being our biggest roadblocks to optimal health and well-being, and our worst enemies.

They lead us to continually put off our goals until we ultimately just give up, or even worse… we push our bodies too far in an effort to “catch up” and wind up hurting ourselves.


We’re here to remind you that you deserve to put yourself first in 2020!
Your goals and dreams for vibrant health are what matter most.

Pushing your body past its natural limits and “going hard” is actually a counterproductive way to focus on improving your health.

Believe it or not, there's a much smarter, safer, and easier way to feel your best. It's often overlooked, and it boils down to one word…


That’s right! A “slow and steady” approach to health and overall wellness has been proven to be the most effective method time and time again. In other words, consistency is key and will win out over other approaches every single time.

This is great news! It means that you don’t have to be the one in “beast mode” at the gym or the one with a cabinet full of every supplement on the market.

Instead, all it really takes is choosing a select few healthy habits that will be easy for you to stick with consistently over time.


Vibrant Health


Why does consistency matter most?

Research suggests that half of people starting an exercise program will drop out in the first 6 months. 
This means that getting started isn't the difficult part, but sticking with it long enough to see results. Rome wasn't built in one day after all!

Let’s use our holistic supplements as an example…

In addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, quality supplements are one of the best ways to help build a strong foundation for good health.


But no supplement will magically work overnight, and in order to reap the full health rewards, you have to keep taking them consistently.


Paul VanWiechen, a certified exercise physiologist and director of exercise physiology at Cleveland Clinic Canada, argues that there are decades of research showing no correlation between the intensity of a workout and the amount of weight lost.

In other words, researchers cannot prove that those killer high-intensity bootcamps are more effective for weight loss long-term than consistently walking 10,000 steps per day.

On the other hand, there is strong research supporting the correlation between exercise frequency and weight loss success, making consistency the key to effective weight management as well.

So remember, being consistent (instead of trying to be perfect) is the true key to achieving your health goals and experiencing long-term benefits. 

Consistency wins every time! Here are a few simple tips for maintaining a consistent routine:


1) Make it a habit

Do everything you can to get through the first two months, as they will most likely be the most difficult. Research shows that It takes at least two months (66 days)  for your mind to program a new habit to become automatic. Once you do so, the new habit will take much less willpower and become much easier to stick with.


2) Don't torture yourself

You're much less likely to be consistent with a healthy routine if you expect yourself to suffer through a spinning class you absolutely despise three times a week or gulp down fishy-tasting powders. Instead, try choosing a physical activity you enjoy or try a pleasant-tasting bovine collagen powder, for example. This will leave you much more likely to complete your healthy routine daily.


3) Start slow and advance gradually

When starting any new exercise regimen or supplement routine, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated in the beginning. Cut yourself some slack and don't expect perfection right away. Allow yourself to start small and gradually work your way up to your ultimate goal.


4) Start your healthy routine first thing in the morning

Exercising or having that healthy superfood smoothie first thing in the morning will set your day on the right path and increase your motivation later in the day. By making your health goals part of your morning routine, you're far less likely to come up with excuses later on throughout the day.

5) Hold yourself accountable 
Teaming up with friends or joining an online health community can make a huge difference when it comes to staying accountable. It's always easy to excuse yourself from your daily health goals, but keeping a supportive network around you will help you stay on track and pick you back up whenever you fall off the bandwagon.




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