March 23, 2020 2 min read

If we're being honest, the truth is that most of us severely underestimate the amount of greens that we need in our diets.


Our lives are simply too busy to keep track of how many servings of fruit and vegetables we get each day and although we try our best, we usually fall short. We know your life is busy and you have a long list of other things to worry about!


Amping up the greens in your diet is one of the quickest ways to give your overall health an extra boost. However, there's one time when it's even more important than usual...


A large meal or smoothie filled with greens (especially the dark, leafy kind) is absolutely essential for recovery after a workout. 


This is because the highly alkaline nutrients and vitamins in greens help the body return to homeostasis and recover as quickly as possible. By delivering crucial healing components, greens allow your cells to regenerate and replenish after energy stores are depleted during exercise. 


Boosting your greens after a workout can therefore help protect bones and joints, prevent injury and soreness, boost stamina, recover energy levels, and help you see better results faster. 


When it comes to getting the most out of your workout, there's no doubt that supplementing with a high-quality green powder, like our Primal Greens, can help take your personal fitness to the next level and allow you to you reach those goals faster.


Not sure where to begin?


This simple 4-ingredient Primal Greens recovery smoothie is perfect for both beginners and seasoned athletes alike. By delivering a powerful dose of green superfoods to your cells, this recipe can help refuel your body after exercise.


Primal Harvest Tribe member Devon shared this recipe after an intense session in the gym (see video below). Since Devon was motivated to see results and push her body a bit harder, she knew she needed ample nutrition, but isn't a big fan of veggies.


That's what inspired Devon to add a scoop of Primal Greens to her post-workout smoothie! This way, she knew she was getting her required servings of vitamins and nutrients after her tough workouts.


This smoothie recipe can be used before or after a workout, or even as part of your healthy morning routine along with other supplements, like our Primal Multivitamin! It's perfect for anyone who is short on time but still wants to make sure they get enough greens in their diet.


Packed with natural ingredients needed by your body to replenish nutrients lost during exercise, it can also aid in promoting a healthy metabolism and curbing unhealthy cravings with these essential components:


1. Potassium 

2. Green Superfoods

3. Vitamin C 

4. Probiotics 


Ready to try this smoothie out on your own? Here's Devon's easy 4-ingredient recipe for a post-workout superfood boost!



1 Banana (frozen or fresh)

1 Scoop Primal Greens

1 Cup orange juice

Handful of ice cubes 



Add all ingredients into a blender and blend on high or pulse into smooth. 






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