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10 Tips To Soothe Stress

10 Tips To Soothe Stress

Stress sneaks up on all of us. Even when you feel like you have everything under control, one small inconvenience can lead to stress. The good news is that if you are serious about getting a handle on your stress, there are ways to trick your system into calming down.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to controlling your stress. The following tips are meant to help you learn what works best for you and your body. Only you can decide how to calm your nerves, but if you don’t know where to start, this list can help tremendously! 

Get Active 

Moving your body on a consistent basis helps to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping which may lower the levels of stress you feel. 

There are many studies that show the benefits of exercise on your nervous system. It has been found that regular physical activity lowers stress levels, and also may help with anxiety and depression.

Follow A Healthy Diet 

This may be easier said than done if you are experiencing daily stress, but it is one of the best ways to also combat that stress. 

Some people who suffer from stress may lean towards under or over-eating. It’s important to try your best to resist the urge to do either of these and instead give your body the nutrient it needs to function optimally. 

Try to focus on eating whole foods as much as possible and minimizing processed foods that will inevitably make you feel worse. Following a  nutrient-dense diet helps decrease the chance of vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may lead to stress.

Take A Break From Screens

In our world today, it’s hard to fully take a break from screens. They seem to be everywhere! Most of us spend the majority of our day looking at a computer screen, then we turn on the TV to relax. This can be problematic and lead to higher stress levels. 

A number of studies have linked excessive screen time with mental health issues and high levels of stress. If you’re serious about taking care of your wellbeing, minimizing screen time is absolutely necessary. 

Screen time also takes a toll on your sleep, which in turn affects your ability to control stress throughout the day.

Take A Stress Support Supplement 

Stress supplements are becoming increasingly common and dependable sources of stress management. 

The top ingredient for stress control is a natural herb called ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is found in many calming supplements for its natural properties that promote calmness and decrease levels of stress.

Take Self Care Seriously 

Having a “self-care Sunday” once every few months is good, but it’s not great when it comes to stress support. Finding a self-care regimen that you can complete every day is way more beneficial. 

Selfcare comes in many forms, so it’s important to find out what is right for you and your schedule. Whether it is carving out time for a hot bath or preparing a healthy meal to enjoy, self-care is something you can do every single day. Here are some other examples of self-care: 

  • Light candles

  • Read a book

  • Go for a walk

  • Listen to an album

  • Get a massage

  • Practice a hobby

  • Work on a craft 

  • Stretch your body

Limit Caffeine 

Though many of us rely on caffeine to wake up in the morning, it can be problematic when you ingest too much caffeine. 

Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system which can cause you to feel jittery or anxious. This is the opposite of what you want if you are trying to reduce stress. Your sensitivity to caffeine may vary from others, so keep in mind that you are the only one who knows how much you can handle.

Schedule Social Activities 

It can be easy to get caught up in your routines and forget to spend some time with friends and family. However, it is absolutely essential to surround yourself with loved ones from time to time. 

Spending time being social can significantly reduce stress levels because it allows you to conversate, laugh, think, and ultimately feel good. Having a social support system is important to keep your mental health strong and your feelings of anxiousness at bay.

Learn To Say No 

Setting boundaries with friends, family, and coworkers can help keep your sanity and your stress under control. 

In the same way that we need to spend time with others, we also need to respect ourselves enough to say “no” when we are feeling run down. Some people feel charged up by being social, while others can feel depleted after a social event. 

Try to listen to your body and evaluate how you feel after being around others. If you don’t feel up to being social so often, it’s ok to say no every once in a while to recharge, rest, and help your body from getting too stressed.

Avoid Procrastination 

Procrastination can certainly get the best of us. Some people work better under pressure, while others can get extremely stressed. 

Procrastination is usually something that we can control. Staying on top of your priorities helps decrease the chances of getting stressed out and feeling anxious. When you feel like you are running out of time, the chances of stress creeping in are greater.

Try making a to-do list and checking off tasks throughout the day if you find yourself procrastinating too often!

Try Yoga Or Meditation

Both of these practices have been known to decrease stress and promote a better mood and more positive well-being. 

Several studies have shown that yoga and meditation reduce cortisol levels (your stress hormone) and improve your mood. It can also help lower your blood pressure and heart rate, which in turn makes you feel less stressed out.

This is largely due to the deep breathing exercises that are the basis of yoga and meditation. By focusing on your breath, you combat stress by calming the nervous system down and strengthening your stress response.

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