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10 Ingredients To Avoid In Supplements

10 Ingredients To Avoid In Supplements

It's no secret that wellness supplements and herbal remedies can do wonders when it comes to supporting our long-term health and vitality.

Supplements help provide us with natural alternatives for promoting longevity and reaching optimal health holistically.

But similarly to any other food, drug, or personal care product, not all supplements are created equally. 
We know that with all the information out there, staying informed can sometimes become pretty overwhelming. 

Here at Primal Harvest, we strive to always stay on top of the latest news in health and nutrition, and love passing this information onto you, our beloved tribe!  When it comes to staying healthy, we believe in total transparency and in an individual's choice to decide what is best for their own personal health.

That’s why we use only all-natural, effective ingredients provided to us by nature. It's one of our utmost goals to build trust and re-instill faith in high quality holistic supplements that can greatly benefit your well-being.


Ingredients To Avoid In Supplements

Here’s our list of the top 10
supplement ingredients
to generally avoid

 1. Aconite

Native to many regions of Europe and Asia, aconite has a long history in witchcraft folklore and as a poison. Often used to treat joint pain, inflammation, or gout,  possible side effects include nausea, vomiting, weakness, breathing problems, and paralysis.


2. Caffeine Powder

Found in weight loss supplements aimed  at increasing energy and athletic performance, this potent stimulant can be dangerous when used in high doses and has been associated with heart arrhythmia, seizures, and cardiac arrest. It may also cause dizziness and elevated blood pressure.


3. Chaparral

Used in traditional folk remedies to treat colds, rashes, skin infections, and inflammation, chaparral is a desert herb that can be found in anti-inflammatory products and weight loss supplements. It has been associated with  causing side effects such as kidney and liver damage over time.


4. Germander

This ingredient has historically been used to treat inflammatory and digestive disorders, as well as for weight loss, arthritis, fever, and gout. Germander has been linked to hepatitis and liver damage, and has been banned in many countries after many widespread reports of hepatotoxicity.


5. Coltsfoot

Linked to liver damage, as well as a possible carcinogen, this plant has historically been used as an herbal remedy for asthma, coughs, sore throats, and laryngitis. However, the leaves and flowers of this plant are now known to contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids, a substance toxic to the liver.


6. Red Yeast Rice

This dietary supplement is often used to treat high cholesterol and heart disease. However, some studies suggest that red yeast rice may contribute to hair loss, liver issues, and both kidney and muscle complications. These supplements also contain citrinin, which is a known chemical toxin linked to liver damage.


7. Usnic Acid

Found in weight loss supplements and pain relief medications, usnic acid has been linked to severe liver damage in large doses. There is currently no scientific evidence that usnic acid is effective in weight loss or pain relief and therefore, the benefit doesn’t seem to outweigh the risks when it comes to this ingredient.


8. Pennyroyal Oil

Found in supplements aimed at treating digestive disorders and breathing problems, this herbal extract is another old folk remedy that has been associated with liver and kidney failure, convulsions, and nerve damage. There is currently no antidote for pennyroyal oil poisoning.


9. Methylsynephrine

Used as an aid in weight loss and athletic performance, this ingredient is currently banned for use in supplements and cannot be marketed legally, as it may cause cardiac arrest, as well as heart rate and rhythm abnormalities. It is especially dangerous in high doses or when combined with other stimulants.


10. Yohimbe

An evergreen tree native to many West African nations, yohimbe can be found in some herbal remedies for low libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, and weight loss. However, this ingredient has been linked to rapid heart rate, headaches, high blood pressure, panic attacks, and kidney and liver issues. It has been classified as an unsafe herb and banned in some European countries such as Germany.






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